Starting October 8th, 2018 there will be reduced support for existing hotel sites while the global Content Marketing team shifts its focus to the migration effort.

This is needed to ensure that we are able to migrate your most up-to-date content over to the new platform and to allow the team to focus on the content migration itself. Obviously critical content updates are guaranteed, however, the migration does have an impact on turnaround times and the number of updates the team can take on board. This document is designed to answer your questions on the content freeze.

A period of time during the late stages of a content migration when hotels are requested to reduce/stop certain content updates on their respective web-extra pages. This allows the teams of content coordinators to bring over the up-to-date content into the new content management systems, without having to manage change logs.

The Content Freeze starts the 8th October 2018 and lasts until the launch of the new website. The exact launch date will be confirmed and communicated later on.

Requests are prioritized based on the level of business criticality assessed by the global Content Marketing team. Hotels are not allowed to submit rush requests.

Level 1:
- Alert messages on the front page
    • Renovations of hotel facilities and their closing/opening period
    • Any danger-related notification for the travel destination
- Hotel deals
    • Please note the implementation of corporate tactical offers (e.g. Dream Deals, Book Ahead, etc) will be prioritized

Level 2:
- Room Type Project implementation
- Updating Menus related to Christmas offers on Restaurants, Bars, M&E pages
- Pricing for certain services – car parks, spa facilities, restaurants and bars
- Updating of contact details on the front page and Contact page (emails, telephone numbers) but not adding new ones

Level 3:
- Marquee for specific hotels/resorts showing a change of season in their imagery
- The imagery of the hotel website in case the hotel has undergone a partial or complete renovation. A maximum of 20 images can be submitted and changed throughout the entire website
- The imagery of the hotel website in case it has to be deleted/changed due to any legal reasons or restrictions (e.g. expired usage rights)
- TVtrip video - in case it has been released during the content freeze

The following content will not be updated during the ‘Content Freeze’:
- Photos: marquees, half-marquees, galleries, photos in widgets (generic, accordion, isotope, sub-widgets); for exceptions, please see question no.3
- Introduction text
- Widgets
- At a glance – key features of your hotel
- Featured Content Pods
- Location page & subpages
- Generic PDFs e.g. M&E brochure
- Content for pages listed under ‘Other’ e.g. Spa, Fitness, Activities, Family, Wedding, Residences, Responsible Business, Bluroutes, #runnin, etc.
- Adding new languages to WebExtra pages (manual or automated)
- Adding integrations to a WebExtra page, e.g OpenTable, Floor Plans, 360 views, deckchair, hero video
- Bulk updates
- New pages on hotel websites
- Requests coming in via the WebExtra Support inbox, the WebExtra Update inbox or by directly contacting members of the WebExtra Team
- New updates requested by reopening an old ticket.

The turnaround time is extended for all types of request. Tickets are handled within the different levels based on a first-come, first-served basis. The turnaround times are counted from the moment when all the necessary information has been provided to the web content coordinator via the WebExtra Update System (WEUS).

Level 1: Maximum 7 business days
Level 2: Maximum 10 business days
Level 3: Maximum 15 business days

Hotels are required to submit their business-critical requests via the WebExtra Update System (WEUS). Only updates that are submitted via the WEUS will be handled. The credits will be deducted per request through the WEUS based on the usual credit count system.

As we are rethinking our future web-extra program (pre-launch & post-launch) we will communicate on the remaining credits at a later stage.

Only Level 1 content updates will be migrated to the new web CMS if they are still relevant at the time of launch. Level 2 and 3 content updates will have to be re-submitted via the WEUS post-launch if they are still relevant.

During the content freeze period, for new hotels and hotel conversions only content ../included in the minimum content requirements, as detailed in 10, will be created and implemented due to time and resource restrictions. This means new hotel websites will be created without F&D content, Spas, Weddings or any other special landing pages. New hotel copy will be written according to the new digital tone of voice applicable to the platform. All brands will utilize the same tone on

During the content freeze, new hotel websites are only available in English and their in-market languages. (i.e.: hotels in Germany will have English and German, hotels in Spain will have English and Spanish.)

The following pages/content elements are ../included in the ‘minimum content requirement’ for a website:
- Front page
    • Marquee
    • Hotel abstract/introduction text
- Rooms page
    • Half-marquee
    • Intro text
    • Accordions
- Hotel Offers & Packages page
- Meetings & Events page
    • Half-marquee
    • Intro text
    • 1-3 generic content widgets
- Contact page

The Annual Review of the Tier 3, Tier 4 and Tier 5 hotel websites will take place during the migration as content will be scraped, transformed and pivoted in order to fit the new layout of the sites.

Hotels requesting business-critical updates will also have to submit their request in their manual languages via the WEUS. Automated translations will still be available. Existing hotels will not be able to sign up for new language translations (manual or automated) during the content freeze period. New hotels’ site will only be available in English and their in-market language until the launch of the new platform. For more information, please read the Translations FAQ.

All Christmas related content for EMEA properties, including hotel deals, menus, M&E offers will be removed by Content Lab in the beginning of January.

Please send your question to: