The current set-up is based by regions with the Americas and APAC working of BIL, and the EMEA region working with Image bank. Both systems are independent of each other and set-up to serve region-specific needs. With New Web, the focus will be to unify image management with on global Digital Asset Management (DAM) system. The selected vendor and tool is ICE Portal.

ICE Portal is a technology vendor with experience working with both sides of travel distribution – suppliers, hotels, resorts, and distribution partners (e.g. GDSs and OTAs). Providing a digital asset management services hospitality and travel partners. For more information watch this short video.

Radisson Hotel Group will launch a multi-faceted initiative to centralize all digital assets into one application. Allowing users globally to have access to their assets at the "tip of their fingers". Integration the DAM with the content management system (CMS) feeding our new website, and hence removing manual dependencies to load and manage images independently.

As an added feature we will now be able to fully distribute digital assets to 3rd Party Vendors, OTAs and GDSs. Further increasing our hotel's visibility across independent channels. Currently, only the hotels in BIL have those capabilities, with EMEA hotels under-represented. A full list of feature and capabilities will be made available as we get closer to launching this exciting new tool.

Absolutely. With the launch of the ICE Portal DAM, all hotels system wide will be automatically connected to the ICE Portal distribution system with 3rd Party Vendors, OTAs, and GDSs (over 50,000 travel suppliers worldwide). As image are loaded into the DAM, hotels will have the ability to determine which image is sent out for distribution, and track their submission progress to major suppliers.

Yes. The tool is designed and customized to support Radisson Hotel Group's global needs. Supporting hotels around the globe and across regions.

Single-Sign-On will be configured for hotel level users, to minimize the need to maintain separate account details to access the new DAM. Corporate level users will be provided with individual account details, on a need to basis, and the level of access required.

As part of a global governance process, specific Image Guidelines have been created to guide users on all required information. Use Policies and Copyright Guidelines will be validated when an asset is first loaded into the DAM. It will be the users' responsibility to ensure all appropriate right are obtained before uploading assets into the system. Assets without the appropriate rights will be rejected by the global Content marketing team.

Please refer to the Image Guidelines for details on required and recommended imagery for your website.

Within the new DAM, a specific folder per hotel has been identified for expired assets to be placed. All expired assets will be retained following Radisson Hotel Group's Retention policy.

We ask for the largest available version of the image be provided. This will allow for the assets to be used across channels, without the risk of pixelation or alteration in quality. Please refer to the Image Guidelines for more details.

Full search capabilities will be enabled to in the DAM, allowing users to search by property name, CRS code, asset types and other meta-data (tags) assigned to the asset.

Yes. ICE Portal offers API/web services to easily connect the DAM with external systems.

It will be the hotel's responsibility to ensure all corresponding usage rights have been obtained for all assets imported into the system. The global Content Marketing team will also validate all required rights have been provided by the hotel before an asset is "approved" to be used. Please refer to the Image Guidelines for more details.

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