- Localization: Speak to in-country markets/guests in a local manner
- Translations: Speak to a global audience in a specific language regardless of country
- Globalization: Support global website deployment strategies with relevant in-language content

Translations.com (TDC) has been a partner of Radisson Hotel Group for over eight years and as the sole translations company responsible for all translations on our current websites globally. With 94 offices and 20 production centers globally, TDC is a global leader in the translations and localization industry, providing services in over 120 languages.

TDC has been selected as the global translations vendor partnering with RHG in delivering our in language products as part of the NewWeb project. Including helping us deliver a global self-service model to RHG teams globally, extending enhanced localization services, as preferential rates.

Radisson Hotel Group will launch a bold, multi-faceted initiative to completely revamp the online presence of our brands and hotels. Known as NewWeb, this extensive effort will provide our brands and properties with best-in-class online platforms that allow us to drive awareness, consideration, and loyalty.

There will be a total of thirteen languages available through the new NewWeb websites at the brand, hotel, and reservations level: (1) English-US, (2) Arabic, (3) Chinese-Simplified, (4) Dutch, (5) French, (6) German, (7) Italian, (8) Norwegian, (9) Polish, (10) Portuguese, (11) Russian, (12) Spanish, and (13) Swedish.

We continue to look at growing need for in language websites and are evaluating the addition of seventeen languages, fully supporting the current global language footprint, and bringing out total language footprint to thirty (30).

With the ever-growing need for localization services across the organization, the pressure to ensure a scalable in language process led us to look at three key pillars: (1) Current and future Hotel Pipeline, (2) Customer Demographics, (3) Current Booked Nights and Future Opportunity Cost. The data was collected and a formal process kicked off through the creation of a Localization Scorecard. With global internal teams, regional departments and brands participants of the conversations.

At launch all hotels that currently have one of the thirteen languages available for their hotel websites will continue to do so in New Web. Hotels wanting to add a language will be able to do so by participating in our new "Pay-to-Play" model post-launch. More information will be sent out regarding this new process, pricing, and turnaround time, in the weeks to come.

In partnership with Translations.com, we will launch by the end of 2018 the new "TransPort" user portal globally.

TransPort is a submission manager automating everything from project creation to delivery. It is easy to create, submit, track, approve, review, download, and archive translation projects. In addition, TransPort provides project managers with a platform to efficiently manage schedules, track efforts across projects, and give executive decision makers sophisticated, customizable dashboards.

The launch and maintenance of this tool will be funded centrally by Radisson Hotel Group, with project specific costs being the sole responsibility of the user.

Stay tuned... more exciting information will be shared as we prepare the global launch of TransPort in the months to come. In the meantime, a quick intro is available here.

At launch, we will limit usage to team members with a corporate email address (e.g. @radissonhotelscom).

Nonetheless, it is within the Digital Marketing & Localization team's roadmap to further enhance the utilization of this self-service tool, and are working with TDC to enable access to Radisson Hotel Group approved vendors. Once available, a notification will be sent out.

Only Radisson Hotel Group documents and requests can be processed via the Translations Portal. Any requests identified for personal use will be rejected automatically.

In partnership with regional teams, the Digital marketing & Localization team is working to develop language-specific style guides, glossaries and reference materials with TDC. These documents will be the basis of our new Quality Measurement Standards processedm and used as the foundation of all localization requests. Helping the business monitor quality outputs from Translations.com.

To assist in validating that these documents are being followed and that the translations are aligned with RHG Quality Management Standards, we have engaged QSR as an independent 3rd Party Vendor. This company will work as an extension of the Digital Marketing & Localization team and provide assistance in reviewing and validating quality on an ongoing basis.

In efforts to ensure a consistent service, QSR services will also be available through TransPort and as an additional service that a user can opt to use as needed. All that is needed, is for the user to request a quote from QSR when submitting a project/request.

Direct billing through TransPort will be available. Invoices will be viewable and downloadable through the Request Information Page in TransPort. A copy will also be sent to the user's recorded email address.

Yes, you can continue using your own internal reviewers. If you decide that an additional review on the translated content is warranted, just let Translations.com know via the Translation that internal reviewers will need to look at the content.

TDC will advise how the feedback will need to be provided back to them, to ensure the final copy you receive incorporates all feedback.

Please write us at localization@radissonhotels.com