Radisson Hotel Group has partnered with Translations.com to streamline the process of submitting translation requests and receiving quotes for all translations needs. The launch of the Translations.com TransPort self-service portal enables the:
• Tracking of requests
• Receiving of quotations
• Uploading and downloading of translation projects.

Each individual requestor will be able to leverage from past translation initiatives with the resulting "translation memory", reducing translations costs and overall review time. There is no cost associated with accessing the portal; requesting a translations quote. The user will only pay for the quotes/requests they approve. Authorizing a translations job is now easier and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Step 1 - Signing Up

TransPort offers secure access and easy file transfer procedures. Users are authenticated based on user ID and password.
Registration Link Coming Soon
• Click on "Click here to register..."
• Using your first.last@radissonhotels.com email account is required.

sign up

Step 2 - Contact & Billing Information

The information provided will ensure Translations.com is able to contact you if any questions arise during the quoting or translation phase of your request.

All billing will be managed through Direct Billing. An invoice will be sent to the user upon completion of the request. As needed, a Purchase Order can be provided.

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Step 3 - Requesting a Quote

• Click on "New Project" button
• Upload the asset you would like to receive a quote on
• Select the source language of the document
• Select the languages and locale (i.e. Spanish - Colombia) you would like the content to be translated/localized into
• Fill out the dates, level of priority and if a quote is needed
• It is recommended that Source Files (e.g. original English files) are uploaded, as a source of reference for translator.

step three Requesting a Quote

Step 4 - Independent 3rd Party Review

This service is designed to support all Radisson Stakeholders who prefer to have an additional and independent party review all translated content coming from Translations.com. This set serves as an independent evaluation of language accuracy, adherence to Radisson Hotel Group's tone of voice, style and preferred terminology as well as overall appropriateness for Radisson Hotel Group's target market.

Upon Requesting a Quote, simply note in the "Any Specials Instructions?" that you would like a 3rd Party Review and indicate any additional requirements that you may have.

Your request will be forwarded by Translations.com to the appropriate vendor. Final deliverable through TransPort will have all feedback from the 3rd party review incorporated.

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Step 5 - Monitoring "Projects" Page

The "Projects" page is designed to function as a dashboard, giving you updated information on the status of your request, and an easy way to keep track on past and present requests you submitted through the portal.

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Step 6 - Request Information Page

The Request Information Page will is the request specific page where the request will be able to:
• Approve / Reject a specific request
• Maintain and edit all features of the request made (i.e. languages, due dates)
• Observe a detailed cost analysis per language of the work requested
• Upload additional files for translations or reference documentation for Translations.com to use
• Download quotes and FINAL in-language assets once Translations.com has finalized the request
• Obtain contact details for all key stakeholders within Translations.com and Radisson Hotel Group
• Communication directly with Translations.com using their Communications Module

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