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Starting October 8th, 2018 the support for existing hotel sites is reduced while the global Content Marketing team shifts its focus to the migration effort. During the Content Freeze, requests are prioritized based on the level of business criticality assessed by the global Content Marketing team. Hotels are not allowed to submit rush requests. Read the FAQ to learn more about the Content Freeze.

• We’re solving tickets received via the WebExtra Update System until the 7th October on a first-in-first-out basis. Due to the high amount of tickets, delays can be expected.
• Tickets coming in starting with the 8th October will be handled based on prioritization. Please read the FAQ to find out how and note that new SLA’s apply.
• Tickets submitted during the Content Freeze that do not fall into the priority levels, will not be handled.
• Requests coming in via the WebExtra Support inbox, the WebExtra Update inbox or by directly contacting members of the WebExtra Team, will not be handled.
• In case new updates are requested by reopening an old ticket, they will not be updated.

Hotel Deals:

If you need to update the Hotel deals section from the WebExtra site, kindly use the Hotel Deals tab in the Web Extra Update System to Add, Remove, or Edit a deal. If your previous hotel deals are not present in the list, we recommend adding the deal in the system (including all the necessary information), so that you can send us the request and also find it in the system for later editing. For more information on how to add or edit deals, please check out our video guides.


If you encounter any issues with the Image bank, kindly contact the team directly at imagebank@radissonhotels.com

Web Extra program:

For Web Extra Program Agreement, New Hotel Openings, and credit-related questions contact webextraupdate@radissonhotels.com

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