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During the final stages of the migration project, the Content Freeze is still in place. This will last until July 29. During the Content Freeze, requests are prioritized based on the level of business criticality assessed by the global Content Marketing team. Hotels are not allowed to submit rush requests. Read the FAQ to learn more about the Content Freeze.

The timeline for shutting down old websites is as follows:

• Radisson Collection and Radisson RED – June 25
• Park Inn by Radisson – July 9
• Radisson Blu – July 23

Until July 29, for hotels that are still live on the old website, business critical requests (alerts, deals, etc.) should still be made through the WebExtra system.

For those sites that are already on New Web, change requests should be submitted after July 29, through the new work management system Workfront.

For urgent or business critical change requests for New Web, please contact your ASO:

• CESE: Angela Graun (angela.graun@radissonhotels.com) + Christina Meier (christina.meier@radissonhotels.com)
• UKIRWE: Chris Fielding (chris.fielding-martin@radissonhotels.com) + Dan Atkinson (daniel.atkinson@radissonhotels.com) + Marion Blin (marion.blin@radissonhotels.com
• ME: Stephanie Aboujaoude (stephanie.aj@radissonhotels.com) + Emma Figge (emma.figge@radissonhotels.com)
• Africa: Renaldo Pretorius (renaldo.pretorius@radissonhotels.com)
• EERUT: Ekaterina Vasileva (ekaterina.vasileva@radissonhotels.com) + Victor Papko (victor.papko@radissonhotels.com)
• Nordics & Baltics: Ole Sorang (ole.sorang@radissonhotels.com) + Ann Pettersson (ann.pettersson@radissonhotels.com) / Martin Jakobsen (martin.jakobsen@radissonhotels.com)


All images should go through the Workfront system. We can only work with images that are uploaded to ICE and approved. For support contact: digital.dam@radissonhotels.com.


After the launch of New Web, hotel websites will be only built in English. Hotels can sign up for additional languages after 29th of July. Further information will be communicated soon.

WebExtra program

For questions related to the WebExtra Program Agreement, new hotel openings, and credits contact: webextraupdate@radissonhotels.com.

New Web guidelines – help us help you

Stay up-to-date on all the ways you can improve your website and boost your business. Download our Web Content Style Guide and DAM Guide.

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